Watercolour or iPet?

Framed watercolour

I try to offer portraits to suit different budgets which is why I have focused on the iPet portrait too.

My watercolour painting prices are based on time not size, as whether I work big or small the time is similar. In fact the smaller ones can take longer as I am having to measure everything out rather than work free hand. So for watercolour I can work smaller or bigger and my prices do not change according to size. However, the iPets can be printed at different sizes, the file size usually prints well up to A3.

Please visit my price list to find out how much your pet portrait may cost.

The watercolour is a more stunning original piece of artwork that can not be reproduced and is a long-lasting artwork that will bring joy and wonderful memories for many many years to come. The iPet will still bring joy and wonderful memories, but as a printed form there is that nature that the quality could fade especially if unprotected i.e. not behind glass. The resolution will not allow large prints and can also be reproduced as many times as you like which is not necessarily a drawback but versatile. The iPet drawing takes me a lot less time to produce too hence why they are cheaper. They take 2/3 days as opposed to 2/3 weeks for a watercolour painting. When ordering you also have to consider the time it takes to get the iPet printed.

I aim to make the process of ordering a pet portrait as easy as possible for you wherever you are in the world. My clients come from all corners of the UK and overseas and you will find testimonials of my previous work on this site. Please read my step by step guide to ordering your portrait. You may also be rest assured I pride myself on having a good relationship with you the client and also the pet, having enthusiasm for every pet I meet. I have found even through my MA studies, artwork is all about experience and the artist has to set up this arena for experience between artwork and viewer and in my case, between artist, client, pet AND the artwork

Satisfaction is my ultimate priority. You need to be happy to hang your pet portrait on the wall and treasure the memory of this special best friend.

All my portraits are created from good, clear photographs, on which more information can be found here. Which is why I can produce a portrait for someone who lives far away from me. No digital manipulation is used to create any of my pet portraits – I prefer to replicate from one photo but work from 2/3 photos to make sure I have the correct colour too. I have in the past put two pictures together to create one but sometimes this works sometimes it doesn’t so best to work from one photo to get the angles perfect and therefore a true representation.

I can also offer framing with Brian Hector. Thorian Framing. Brian has an amazing eye for what frame suits the painting even better than an artist. Once framed professionally your portrait is ready to hang and bring you a lifetime of happiness.

With my art work process, customers can be confident that many hours have gone into their commission. Whether you are interested in dog portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits or another pet, I aim to keep you involved in the creative process throughout with regular updates or if you prefer to wait and see a photo of the finished portrait just let me know.

It is common for there to be a waiting list for portraits to be completed because they involve many hours of detailed work and/or printing involved too when an iPet portrait. This is often longer at Christmas. Pet portraits artists tend to be very busy leading up to the Christmas period, so it is vital that you book early in order to avoid disappointment. BUT I also offer gift vouchers for pet portraits if a last minute commission is not possible, or if you want to leave it to the recipient to choose their favourite photo for me to work from.

Watercolour Painting

iPet Portrait

Watercolour Painting

iPet Portrait printed onto canvas and also framed

iPet Portrait printed onto Wood

iPet Portrait printed onto aluminium

iPet Portrait printed onto acrylic

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