Excited to present my own studio!

Although the pandemic has presented many challenges for some of us it has provided and oportunity to refelct and change the way we work.  We have been very lucky that my husband has been able to work from home therefore he needed an office.  Fortunately we have a...

For a great horse and business woman!

I have completed this watercolour for an amazing business and horse woman from an equine venue Animal Magic Art has supported, Quob Stables, Durley, Southampton.  Thank you Beth for all your support over the years!

Thank you Jo Downton!

Today I would like to thank a fellow networker for all the Portraits she has asked me to do over the years of Animal Magic Art, her first back in 2015! Of all her lovely Labradors and her friends and children’s dogs too. One of my favourites is the last one I did for...

Working at a distance

Certainly a pet portrait is an easy present to arrange in these strange times due to being able to create at a distance working from photos.  An iPet is electronic so can be sent via email and prints can be posted or arranged ones self and a painting can also be...

Lots of iPets this Christmas

I’d like to thank Vanessa and Ian for commissioning me to complete the above iPets for their children and for their message after Christmas:-  “The children absolutely loved the portraits and they were all shocked and a bit overwhelmed.  Our daughter and...

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