I’m so glad this winter is over!  I’ve never known such a wet winter and having a horse it certainly was challenging.  It was a workout trying to get the hay in the field twice a day with not only mud up to my ankles and further! But prevailing winds and then dealing with larger bales, but not being able to get them in the field with a vehicle so my wonderful husband came up with the idea of using a builders bag and dragging it across the field to the little less muddy areas.  Such hard work, but worth it to see Impy kept fed and warm.

From one challenge to another now in these very strange and scary times with this current lock down.  My heart goes out to many families from those who have experienced the Corona virus and even lost loved ones to those not able to work from home, are self isolating or working on the front line, especially those who still have not got the proper protective clothing to enable themselves to work and care for others.

I am very lucky to be able to work from home and although I do have to make the journey up to my horse to feed her, as the grass is still thin on the ground, this is a welcomed outing in this beautiful sunshine and fortunately a remote and solitary job I share with others so only have to go once a day.

Due to Covid-19 all the events I had booked this year have been cancelled and therefore I will not be able see any new or old customers.  I am looking at trying to promote Animal Magic Art differently therefore. Whilst I do have a social media presence most of my commissions are obtained from referrals or from people seeing my work in the flesh so I am hoping, with all this time at home this year, I will be able to improve my social media footprint.  Marketing is a challenge for me as I’d much rather be turning a photograph into a painting to be loved. Through Just Networking Romsey I have already been given some great constructive advice, so thank you Claire Sutton!

So I hope this blog will not only cheer some of you up, especially if you are not able to walk your lovely dogs as much as normal, but remind you that my business is still operable from a distance.  The printers are still open for business so I can still provide iPets electronically and physically via Royal Mail and watercolours can be posted too in tubes.

I love what I do, and hope I can still bring some joy into your homes in these difficult times.

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