About iPet Pet Portraits

iPet Pet Portraits are portraits of your pet drawn with my finger on an ipad. 

These portraits don’t take as long as a watercolour painting due to its different process.  This is not only because I can use the photo underneath as reference, but I can also rub out and correct even after having added the colour and highlights, unlike with watercolour.  The whole process therefore is a lot quicker even although I create using the same skills as a painting to build the portrait, starting with a line drawing, building the shades across the portrait to be sure of accuracy and detail.  I then add the colour over the top of the drawing, finally giving attention to detail inserting highlights and softening the hair.

I can work with lesser quality photos for this format if necessary, but the better the photo the better the portrait.  The attention to detail I give requires detail in the photograph too.  Please see here for help with taking photographs of your pet.

The completed iPet portrait is an electronic file format and will be sent to the client once finished (proofs are sent initially which are a lower resolution image).

This artwork is more versatile than a watercolour painting as can be printed onto all sorts of medium from textured paper or canvas to wood, acrylic, aluminium or even other forms of merchandise such as mugs, tshirts etc.  As an electronic image it can be used as a profile picture too.  I store all commissions on a hard drive so therefore am able to send them again to the client if they ever lose them free of charge.

I also can arrange printing of your iPet onto paper, canvas, wood, acrylic or aluminium and even gift cards too.  The price varies depending on size and type of material to be printed on starting from £10.

iPet Portraits start at only £150 for a single head pet portrait (please contact me for a quote if you want more than one animal in the portrait.  I create the portraits individually so that they can be printed together or separately).

View the full terms & conditions here.

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