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sue1-300x224sue2-300x205Sue did the outstanding picture of my chestnut horse ‘Rubus’ competing at dressage, The photo I liked had me competing in a different jacket and Sue had to change this to my Royal Navy uniform, as I really wanted something different and something to treasure through the years.  To say I love this painting is an understatement as she really managed to capture the true character of my horse and the painting is very much admired by all who see it.  Thinking of having a painting commissioned then fully recommend sue as the Whole process from start to finish                                                                                              was a pleasure.  Thank you Sue!

Jill Monnox

It’s perfect and actually brought a tear to my eye. My Mum & Dad are going to love it. Thankyou so much.

Hi Sue, hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas. Just to let you know that my Mum and Dad absolutely loved the portrait of Georgie. My Mum got very emotional as she said it was so realistic that it was like Georgie was looking right at her. Mum and Dad both said how incredibly talented you are and you have captured Georgie perfectly. Thank you so much for creating such a special keepsake for them x

Kirsty Puddick

You’ve brought my boy back

It was so real he nearly fed it a biscuit!!

Thank you so much for the amazing portrait of Wilfred, my mum loves it! (Amee Oswald)

Thanks so much, it’s a lovely picture. You have really caught his character. (Catherine Tipper)

That’s amazing Sue, Love it, so realistic! Thank you, its great! (Polly, Dental nurse)

Hi Sue, Just a quick message to say that my Sue is absolutely delighted with Barney’s picture for her 70th.  (Brian)

Sue did a simple iPad portrait of my dog some while back. I absolutely love it and it remains hanging on my wall today. His facial expression is captured perfectly.  (Rich McDonnall)

A selection of clients quotes over the years

Just a note to thank you so much for the beautiful paintings you did of Maisie & Snoopy!!  It was such a lovely surprise on my birthday. I must admit I did shed a few tears, especially for poor Maisie who we all miss. You have captured them so well & they are such lovely things to have.  Thanks again for making my birthday!!J

Julia’s husband Rob before she recieved the presents said, “The likeness is uncanny and captures Snoopy’s character perfectly”

Both portraits are iPets printed onto canvas

Julia Doyle

Just thought you would like to know that it was my Mum’s 90th birthday yesterday and she absolutely loved the picture you did of Binky!! We Skyped her in the evening & she kept picking up the picture showing it to me and saying how wonderful it was and how good the artist was!! I put it in a silver frame with a dark mount – it looked v good printed out on textured artist paper I’d got. So a VERY happy and satisfied customer, thank-you again!!
Jane Keen

Hi Sue, Here is a picture of my Dad opening his present, he absolutely loved it and had a fabulous birthday. Thank you again for making his 80th birthday!!

iPet Portrait

Tina Richards

dog animal pet portraitHere she is and Nikki is absolutely delighted with her picture. Thank you so much!


Patricia Bushe

Three beautiful dogs in watercolour I completed for a 21st birthday present in December 2015. The lady who commissioned me to do her son’s working gun dogs did a grand job of keeping it all a secret and I managed to complete them in time for her to get them framed for the 21st birthday party in late December. Her email after the event just read, ‘Well what can I say!

Sandra Sole

This is absolutely stunning, he’ll love it!

Then after Kate’s partners birthday:-

He absolutely loved it, thank you!

The video of me drawing this one on the ipad can be viewed in ‘About iPets’ on this website.

Kate Westbrook

Sue is on the second commission, we first had Holly our yellow Labrador painted as a watercolour (left), this hangs proudly on our wall, and Daisy our black Labrador is about to join our collection, we can all have photos or prints but there’s no substitute for the real craft of Sue’s talent as an artist, those brushstrokes just bring the picture to life, alas Holly has now departed but she lives on in this watercolour they say a dog is for life not just for Christmas, Sue’s talents have extended this to our life.

Mike Griffiths

Oh its beautiful, I shed several tears when I saw it. You have captured him beautifully.

iPet Portrait

Kevin and Amanda

It’s amazing Sue. Love it. Doesn’t need tweaking at all. Thrilled.

Sue has just finished a portrait of my elderly and loved Jack Russel.I am so pleased it captures her character totally. I love it and will cherish it. Thank you so much Sue its amazing.

iPet Portrait

Jane Mayor

Just wanted to let you know that the picture you did of Oi went down a storm!  There were several people here when he opened it and they just couldn’t believe how like Oi it is!  George is thrilled and he will treasure it forever. Thank you for making the birthday surprise come off with  your brilliant work

Watercolour painting

Annabel Humphry

dog animal pet portrait

Just a lovely story:-

A commissioning from a lovely fellow horseman to do both his horse and little Jack Russell who has quite an interesting story behind his life. He went missing soon after they got him, but he turned up 8 years later!!!  Who ever took him had then abandoned the poor little chap, but a friend of the client recognized Scruffy when they found him!  How lovely is that!  So Scruffy is a very special little chap!

Watercolour paintings

Phillip Mason

A fellow networker The Print Lady commissioned me to do this iPet for her friend Gilly.

From Gilly – owner of the poodles : You have given me some fantastic presents over the years, but this pic has to be the best. It’s my favourite photo out of all you’ve taken  and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve just be gazing at in a awe. I’ve been so low for such a long time and don’t know how or what to do. You have lifted my spirits – thank you very, very much! – I sent it with a postcard saying ‘happier times’

iPet Portrait

Ainslie Chivers, The Print Lady

Fellow networker The Print Lady also commissioned me to do these iPets for her parents.

Aww I love it!!!!  It’s amazing and you got his gummy grin

iPet Portraits

Ainslie Chivers, The Print Lady

Mum loved the painting! Her exact words were “It’s like Flight is in the room with us!”

Watercolour painting

Phillipa Czapran

The picture is absolutely beautiful. You have really captured Princess.

You are so talented. Thank you so much.

iPet Portrait

Patricia Rush

pet animal portrait drawing iPet iPad

Thought you’d like to know Stan has pride of place on our lounge wall and all our Christmas visitors loved him

iPet Portrait

Brenda Jones

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