Just before Christmas I visited  Buster’s mum (Ellie) to take photos for a portrait of her.  It was lovely to see Ellie again and also his sister Ella visited as well.  I was really impressed how well behaved Buster was, his sister really put him in his place and all Buster wanted to do was play!  I look forward to hearing from Ellie’s owner as to which photo she would like me to paint.  Difficult in these strange times of Covid-19 despite working from photos, this client can not drive and would like to see the difference between watercolour and iPet drawing when printed.  They are very different which is why its good to see them in the flesh to know why there is a difference in price.

Ella is on the settee and Ellie is the one with longer hair.

I am also looking forward to doing something different in 2020!  Creating some artwork for a poem my son in law has written. Maybe we might even be able to get it published.  A new venture!

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