I have demonstrated to not only Networking Groups a number of times but also to Art Groups and schools too.

Demonstrations to Networking Groups are usually just a 10 minute slot and have been mainly about my iPad drawings due to the technological aspect and how that may be transferable to other businesses. The demonstration is not just about drawing, but also about the versatility of the iPad drawing and how someone less artistic or creative can possibly use the drawing app. The basics are demonstrated and written instructions are available too.

Demonstrations to Art Groups I have focused on how I draw with my finger on an ipad.  I take longer to demonstrate the techniques and tools required to be able to draw with an ipad.  I also show the comparison of the techniques to my watercolours and how the processes are very similar. The basics of being able to draw are of course transferable to many types of medium. I also talk about Animal Magic Art and how I have turned my skills as an artist into a business, the journey I have been on within Fine Art to enable the confidence to branch out turn my artistc talents into a business.

These demonstrations are not only very visual, as I also display many examples of my work, but with the current climate of virtual technology I am also able to demonstrate the iPad drawing through the medium of Zoom which in the early months of 2020 we have all become familiar with. Not only can I work from home to create my artworks at a distance because I work from photographs to get the perfect pet portrait, I can also demonstrate live from the comfort of my studio too.

If you are interested in a demonstration of my artwork please do give me a ring or email me. You will find my contact details on every page of this website.

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