I can finally post this one ❤️ and the lovely email I had from my client.
“Julie opened up the present on Sunday night. There was a bit of anticipation as I’d wrapped it well….. but there were tears in her eyes when she saw what was in the package. She loved it! It was put in a tube and stayed with her on the flight, and was successfully unrolled last night. Everyone who has seen it says it is lovely, a gentle portrait of a gentle horse. My neighbour loved it too. So thank you very much. Julie said when she looks at the picture, it’s like Harris is with her.”
Thankyou so much Audrey!  So pleased Julie managed to transport the painting back to her home on the plane too.  Always a worry making sure such a precious object can travel well too.
Our journey to create this special present has been so good.  Planning from back in August when Audrey visited me at Open Studio to view the different mediums to decide on not only the medium I should use, but the picture I should work from.  Always hard when you are creating for another.  But well worth the journey not only for me as the artist to get to know the person and the pet but also finding out about the story behind how horse and person came together.  Its been wonderful getting to know you Audrey and I am very much looking forward to being able to create again one day for the other pets in the family!

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