A commission from last year

Recently this client has been in touch “Manny’s picture has pride of place on the office wall.  We didnt get it frames in the end, I think it looks fine as it is actually.  But we may look at it again later in the year.  Glad you are still enjoying the oil...

Feeling Very Proud

this is one of my pupils iPet Drawings.  Started tutoring in October 2021 every other week.  Vicky is mastering the art of drawing on an iPad having not had any lessons technically nor artistically before!  The challenges are even greater having to learn the tools of...

Downton Cuckoo Fair

A great day had at Downton Cuckoo Fair on Sat 30 April last.  It was wonderful to be back and able to do what I do best apart from paint, chat to people!! Very well attended, really busy and a whole box of business cards were given out!  Hoping to hear from some of...

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