About Animal and Pet Portrait Artist, Sue Mclachlan

Ever since Animal and Pet Portrait Artist Sue was at school she has painted, drawn and loved animals and pets, particularly the companion animal, so has been inspired by the love of these beautiful and cherished friends.

To produce a good quality animal or pet portait, artist Sue works mainly on commissions as prides herself on gaining an exact likenes by using photographs either taken herself or from the owner’s photos if they are good enough quality. Good photos are essential for animal and pet portaits, not only for quality and resolution to obtain likeness and detail, but also to capture the essence and character of the pet which mostly the owner does acquire with their own photos. Sue’s stunning pet portraits bring a cherished pet alive on paper by focusing on the animal, excluding background, emphasising character even tho she doesn’t always meet the pet.  Not always being able to meet the pet an animal and pet portait artist’s key talent is to be able to capture the likeness which Sue obtians by not only detailed observation, time and working from a photo for reality, but  listening to the client during the process of drawing and painting.  Customer Service is also high on Sue’s agenda.

A painting is not something you just hang on the wall, it’s a memory, a reminder of that cherished friend that will always be with you.

A more affordable option is an iPet Portrait. A sketch using just her finger on an iPad and sent to you electronically. Sue can also give advice on or arrange printing if necessary.

Sue is very proud to be a sponsor of Quob Stables in Durley.

Graduating with an MA Fine Art from Winchester School of Art in 2008 Sue has exhibited her installation work but returned to painting in 2010 and set up her Animal Portrait Artist business confident that her love of animals and pets shows in her art work having two horses, a dog and a cat of her own.
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